The AI Academy Curriculum aims to provide a variety of skills required to implement complex real-life AI Projects and as such brings together a compelling set of classes in the following fields:

  • Statistical Programming Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Data Science
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence

A Personalized Curriculum will be created for each Alumnus based on his/her specific areas of interest and skill level at the time of admission.

Today there is an explosion of high-quality on-line classes but learning some new technology on-line is not enough to guarantee access to highest paying jobs. The AI Academy leverage existing on-line platforms while focusing on adding value in two aspects:

Curate the selection of on-line courses: 

  • The curriculum is created picking the highest quality classes across multiple MOOC platforms and place emphasis on skills required in real life projects as opposed to academic knowledge.

Complement the on-line classes with project-based assignments:

  • at each ability level we incorporate a number of use-case or project based assignments so that Alumni can apply the skills learned to real-life use cases. This is where the learning becomes rich thanks to the interaction among the Alumni, Project Leaders and real clients attempting to address real business challenges through the application of AI.


Currently Offered Learning Programs 

While the approach of The AI Academy is to enable Continuous Professional Learning we are currently offering the following Learning Programs as a way to guide new Alumni through their first steps.

Click on the links above to access the Learning Program page and browse through the courses offered as your learning starting point